Key People

  • Paul McMullen


    Paul McMullen


    Paul McMullen is the Sole Director of Vital Environment Pty Ltd. Paul has a vast experience in business development, business management and product development. An experienced director, Paul’s focus on the erosion, dust, sediment, revegetation and rehabilitation and water treatment industries has implemented and developed the establishment of Vital Environment in 2016. Paul has completed a Bachelor of Education and holds extensive experience in communicating, coordinating and implementing complex technologies and systems. Paul previously has been a Director and Treasurer of the Australian chapter of the IECA (International Erosion Control Association).

    Paul possesses extensive experience in the civil, construction and resources industry – with a key focus erosion and sediment control – throughout Australia and New Zealand. Paul has been responsible for the implementation and ongoing projects at Dalrymple Bay Coal Terminal, BMA Hay Point and Port Lyttelton in New Zealand and has orchestrated the coal stockpile veneering programs to each site’s Dust Management Program. Paul’s expertise stretches across areas such as the civil, construction, mining, environment, machinery and infrastructural requirements, quality assurance, workplace health and safety requirements – such as inductions, risk assessments and work permits.

    In 2010 Paul initiated the development of an Erosion Control Portfolio. With the establishment of Vital Environment – in 2016, together with this company’s joint venture with Vital Chemical, Paul’s focus has been in developing improved and more cost effective erosion control products and measures for such industries. Under Vital Environment, Paul has developed the Vital Environment Training Facility at Goodna in South East Queensland. This facility is a keystone development for the growing demand of erosion and sediment education and training in Australia. Paul McMullen has been instrumental in positioning Vital Environment as innovators and leaders within the industries to which they supply.

  • Mandy Campbell

    Administration Manager

    Mandy Campbell

    Administration Manager

    As Vital Environment’s Administration Manager, Mandy’s understanding of the erosion and sediment control, revegetation and rehabilitation industries is extensive. From her administrative and quality systems experience at Vital Chemical through to her management in the growth and development of Vital Environment, Mandy is a pivotal member of Vital Environment’s team.

  • Geoff Suller

    Facility Engineer

    Geoff Suller

    Facility Engineer

    A key member of Vital Environment’s Onsite Technical Team, Geoff’s technical and onsite industry experience is hard to surpass. As an experienced technician, Geoff undertakes all Vital Environment design and operational maintenance. Geoff has a high level of understanding of all site and material specifics and is committed to achieving quality, safety and environmental compliance.

  • James Nebauer

    Environmental Manager/Mine Rehabilitation

    James Nebauer

    Environmental Manager/Mine Rehabilitation

    With over 7 years of experience in the delivery of sustainable solutions to the revegetation and mine rehabilitation industries, James holds a key role as Vital Environment’s Environmental Manager – Mine Rehabilitation. With a comprehensive understanding of Australian soils, James has built a reputation throughout the erosion and sediment control and rehabilitation industries.  James understands the importance of offering cost effective environmental plans without compromising on project outcomes.


  • Andrew Macleod

    Director at SEEC

    Andrew Macleod

    Director at SEEC

    Andrew is an expert in all aspects of soil and water management. He is a recognised industry leader in construction-phase erosion and sediment control and conducts regular training, consulting and expert witness services in this field.

    Andrew has worked on a wide range of sites including mines, gas projects, major infrastructure projects (road and rail), pipelines and subdivisions. He is also the President of the International Erosion Control Association (IECA) in Australasia. Andrew is a passionate and enthusiastic presenter who has trained over 5,000 people in the past 15 years.

  • Kel Sanson

    Senior Environmental Consultant at SEEC

    Kel Sanson

    Senior Environmental Consultant at SEEC

    Kel is a Certified Professional in Erosion and Sediment Control with significant on-ground construction environmental management experience. He a Senior Environmental Consultant at SEEC  and is a former regulator for Ipswich City Council responsible for erosion and sediment control compliance.

    Kel has worked on a wide range of sites including CSG dams and pipeline projects, power substations, road projects and residential subdivisions. He is also a Director on the Board of the International Erosion Control Association (IECA) in Australasia. As an ex-regulator, Kel brings a unique balance to his training workshops, and a distinctive perspective gained through his extensive experience.

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