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Welcome to Vital Environment where we constantly raise the bar in the prevention of erosion and stopping its by-product – sediment – from entering and polluting our waterways.

To fully understand erosion, Vital Environment designed and constructed a purpose built training and testing facility in South East Queensland. Our facility offers a customised and erosion focused venue for educators and leaders in the erosion and sediment control (ESC) industry to deliver best practice training to the construction and mining community. The ESC educators engaged by Vital Environment are the best in the industry and offer a range of innovative training courses which cater to all levels of participants, from beginner to masterclass.

Our facility is a one of kind in Australia and defines Vital Environment’s innovation and environmental credentials. Australia possesses some of the most pristine natural waters in the world which are under threat of sediment laden run-off from erosion, such as the Great Barrier. Through our dedication to our innovative products and our own ESC training facility right here in Australia, Vital Environment have the sustained solutions to mitigate erosion.

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Mar 09 2021
Mar 09 2021

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Fundamentals of ESC (09 MAR)

Vital Environment Training Facility

This training is face-to-face and social distancing practices will be observed.

  • Understand why soil erosion is a significant environmental issue;
  • Understand the causes of soil erosion;
  • Understand the difference between erosion and sediment control;
  • Understand how to minimise erosion and sediment impacts;
  • Understand legislation and clearer guidance on legal requirements and obligations and how to avoid penalties;
  • Improved knowledge of products and techniques for effective erosion and sediment control and how they are supposed to be used ie. Awareness of best-practice requirements;
  • Increased ability to critically analyse the compliance of onsite erosion and sediment control with regard to legislation and recommended industry practice.
  • Understand shutdown considerations.

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